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When you see great images anywhere, most likely they were taken by a DSLR camera. This probably the reason that you start looking for DSLR camera. But why point and shoot camera can't take a good image? The answer to that is Yes and No. Yes because a point and shoot camera would be able to take great shots when all the parameters are right such as lighting, angle, sensor sensitivity and etc. However, you may not get lucky all the time, so this is the time where you need a full control of the camera aperture, shutter speed and also the ISO. Having full control of the camera especially at a low light condition would enable a person to get the image which he desire. Camera is just a tool for you to capture that great image. If you know how to use the tool to its full potential, then you can benefit from it.

To bring you to an analogy, its like a vehicle that you get on is to bring you from one place to another. A good vehicle would help you reach destination safely and quickly. A bad vehicle may get you stuck on the roadside waiting for the tow truck to pick your car. Still, you can reach destination one way or another. But remember, by having a good vehicle, you could save your precious time and money and enjoy all other activities that you could have at the destination and return home safely the same day without having to pay for accommodation & other hidden costs. Well this is just an example and it is subject to questionable discussion but i hope you get the point.